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CEO comment: Welcoming the new year.

2021 has started at high speed and the first announcement of the year was the long-awaited market approval for Actiste® in Thailand. During the final days of the past year, Brighter also announced its first two orders of the Actiste® portfolio ever which is fantastic. On a personal note, having now completed my first days as acting CEO from January 1, I’m very glad to see the widespread dedication, competence and ambition amongst the staff. The commitment to succeed in this journey that Brighter has embarked on to improve the quality of life for people around the world, really is impressive.

Although we have experienced some difficulties this past year, leading to some changes and turbulence in the management and Board, we must not forget that the company also has reached a number of important operational milestones. And new people contributing with valuable competence and experience are joining Brighter continuously. I am glad to welcome two new additions to the Leadership team: Bruce McGinn who takes on a whole new role at Brighter as Head of Legal, and Marie-Louise Kanon, Brighter’s new Head of Communication and Brand, replacing Petra Kaur who recently moved on to new adventures after many years in Brighter.

Looking towards the future – with the primary focus being on continued commercial progress, go-to-market activities, new partnerships and further expansion – I believe there are exciting times ahead. The recently received market approvals in several of Brighter’s key markets, the initiated Actiste user programs in Sweden, additional market approval processes underway and further expected commercial developments within Brighter as well as the subsidiary’s Camanio and Nectarine Health speaks for an eventful 2021. The teams have been working very hard to build a solid foundation for the continued journey, and because of that I am very confident that Brighter will achieve additional commercial milestones during the upcoming months and throughout the rest of the year.

This is my first CEO comment of this sort in this role, and additional updates will come as we go. There are a lot of things going on, and I know many of you have questions regarding the current status. It will take some time to get fully acquainted with everything that is happening, so please allow me and the team to gather ourselves and get back to you on that aspect. Lastly, I would like to thank the shareholders and the Brighter team for the warm welcome. I believe I will see some of you, most imminently, at the upcoming EGM on January 25.

Best regards,
Christer Trägårdh
Acting CEO, Brighter AB (publ)

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