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CEO letter, May, 2020

Being commercially active, and the way forward.

When Brighter made the Actiste service available for consumers in Sweden May 20th, we officially opened up for the first-ever real-world use of Actiste, and consequently entered a new stage in our journey. For me personally this was a very emotional and thrilling moment, especially with Sweden being our home market and where everything began.

I really want to take this moment to tribute Truls Sjöstedt, Brighter’s founder and the inventor behind Actiste, still passionate and actively contributing to our long-term vision as Executive Chairman of the Board. I also want to thank everyone else in the Brighter team and our partners, who has worked so hard to reach where we are today – the action behind the scenes has been intense, to say the least. But this would not have been possible without the faith of our shareholders, so I would also like to thank all the shareholders for participating in this journey. Now finally, we are in the starting blocks to start making a real impact on people’s lives – which is fantastic!

Although Sweden is a relatively small market from a commercial perspective, these first users will generate many valuable insights, real-world data, deeper understanding of the daily needs for people living with diabetes and, ultimately, contribute to the further commercialization activities globally. The live real-world use will incorporate trust in negotiations and provide additional proof points in sales activities. To further strengthen our Swedish B2C launch and enable a wider spread of users, we are working with the Swedish regional councils to get the Actiste service reimbursed.

In parallel to the Swedish commercial launch, we have also initiated an ambassador programme, aimed at establishing a long-term co-creation relationship with a group of selected users. These ambassadors will help us optimize the service and strengthen our relationship with the target group in Sweden, as well as create awareness among users, their loved ones and the healthcare providers.

For those that have followed us for some time, it is surely no surprise that we are putting our main focus and energy on commercializing the Actiste service widely in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. That’s where we can make a larger impact with our Actiste solution, and we look forward to growing our presence in those regions in the coming years. And we are already well on our way to do so!

With the team expanding in Jakarta, activating our already established regional partnerships and initiating new ones, while parallelly moving forward with all the needed registration processes, we are thrilled to see the positive response when we present the Actiste service to the south-east Asian community. The team in Dubai is growing as well – preparing for everything that comes after the product registration in UAE that is currently underway. Partnering with hospitals, health clinics, key opinion leaders, insurance companies, distributors and additional public bodies/authorities. Last week, Brighter co-hosted a successful webinar, with around 200 participants, together with a group of expert endocrinologists from UAE, KSA, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain – the markets we are targeting in the Middle East.

Although the current circumstances are quite unusual and strange, with the Covid-19 pandemic threat still active, we are thrilled to be able to keep moving forward and continuously adding more pieces to the Brighter puzzle. From my own personal perspective, 2019 was definitely the big break-through year for us, the real starting point of our mission. Being in close to the middle of 2020, we are definitely in a very exciting transformative phase where things can finally start to happen. Looking forward to a Brighter future!

Best regards,
Henrik Norström
CEO Brighter AB (publ)

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