June 15 2022

Principal Investigator Dr Adrian Heald, consultant endocrinologist at Salford Royal Hospital in the UK, about leading a clinical research with Actiste:

“With data insights, clinicians could make much more impactful, data-driven clinical decisions.”

As previously announced, Brighter has started its clinical research with the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust at the Salford Royal Hospital in the UK where the first patient is using Actiste®.

With the Actiste® devices and consumables available at the research site and the first patient in the programme, Brighter is in close collaboration with the doctors and nurses who are conducting more interviews with patients interested in participating in the study.

Principal Investigator Dr. Adrian Heald is a consultant endocrinologist at Salford Royal Hospital. He holds several distinguished positions in the country and is recognized as a digital-health pioneer. Dr. Heald has published multiple papers on diabetes, metabolic influences and abnormalities, and is now the lead in ongoing work identifying and  discussing with interested patients who can potentially be a match for the research conducted together with Brighter.

“Digital healthcare solutions are becoming more impactful and more necessary in order for us as clinicians to support the treatment of complex disorders like diabetes,” says Heald. “Having the right data at the right time would provide us with much more clarity about the interaction of certain events and medications – including meals, insulin injections, the actual injected insulin dose (not the prescribed one), the time aspect, physical exercise, concomitant therapy and more.“

“By having these insights, we could make much more impactful, data-driven clinical decisions and support our patients in the best possible way. This is why the clinical team at Salford Royal Hospital and I are very excited about the study that we are executing together with Brighter,” he says.

“The number of important clinical insights that Actiste® Diabetes Management as a Service can provide is something that was not available to us in previous years. We have already collaborated with Brighter on the outcomes of its Swedish user-experience research, and our  clinical opinion piece on this research was accepted and published in Cardiovascular Endocrinology & Metabolism in 2022. It was also presented at Diabetes UK (P213).

“The aim of the clinical research we are now focusing on at Salford Royal Hospital is to provide us with important clinical endpoints versus current therapy options. We are also exploring the impact on quality of life with a view toward gaining more useful insights on the impact of Actiste® in diabetes management,” says Heald.

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