Board of Directors.

Providing support, experience and strategic direction.

Christer Trägårdh – Chairman of the Board

Christer Trägårdh has a long history in the banking industry and solid experience of board work in various industries. During 2014-2019, he was a member of Swedbank’s Group Executive Committee, initially as regional manager and from 2016 as Head of the Group’s largest business area Swedish Banking. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Bergslagens Sparbank, and he has also worked for 20 years at Handelsbanken in various leading positions. Furthermore, Christer has had more than 20 board assignments over the years including Chairman of Fastighetsbyrån, Vice Chairman of Svensk Handel Försäkringar (now SH Pension) and board member of UC.

Ownership in Brighter: 3 496 425 shares and 2 153 568 warrants.

Johnny Ludvigsson

During the years 1985-1991, Johnny Ludvigsson was Secretary General of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes, the world organization for childhood and adolescent diabetes. He has received, among other things, the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s award for diabetes research in 1998 and the Inaugural ISPAD Prize in 2001 and has been appointed to Honorary Member of EASD, Honorary Member of ISPAD, and an honorary member of the Swedish Diabetology Association. He was named Diabetologist of the Year in 2009, and in 2014 was awarded the Knud Lundbæck Award by the Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes. To date, Johnny Ludvigsson has published more than 500 articles, and every year the Child Diabetes Foundation awards two prizes in Johnny Ludvigsson’s name to prominent child diabetes researchers in the Nordic countries and in Sweden.

Åsa Sjöblom Nordgren

Åsa Sjöblom Nordgren is the CEO and founder of Trice Imaging Inc., a global leader in cloud based medical image management. Trice’s solution is approved and available in 42 countries and is built into leading machines from, for example, GE Healthcare, Philips and FujiFilm. Trice has expanded global distribution and online sales directly to healthcare providers. Åsa Sjöblom Nordgren has solid experience from innovation and digitalisation work and changing consumer behaviors in healthcare. She has previously held leading positions at Metronome, Sveriges Kommunikatörer, MobPal Mobile Relations and Tre.

Åsa joined the Brighter board of directors in 2020.

Ownership in Brighter: 333 334 shares and 500 001 warrants.

Karin O’Connor

Karin O’Connor is the founder and CEO of Corporate Creativity AB, a consulting firm specializing in business transformation, digitalization, brand building and communication. She has recently released a book ”The Moneyfest” about how to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. She has an extensive background in business transformation both in Sweden and internationally. Prior, she was the transformation and communication director at Colart Ltd in London, UK, for 7 years. She has previously worked as a financial journalist and analyst and has held several board assignments including BRIO, SOS Barnbyar and Telge Energi. She is currently on the board of White Architects and Tranpenad.

Karin joined the Brighter board of directors in 2021.

Ownership in Brighter: 333 334 shares and 500 001 warrants.

Clas Lindbergson

Clas Lindbergson is a business generalist with more than 25 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry, including in various sales and marketing roles at Novartis and Pfizer. With his key competencies in management, business development, market access, sales, marketing and tender management, Clas has also held positions as Nordic Managing Director for Eisai AB, co-founder and CEO of Ergobe Pharma AB / Unimedic Pharma AB and as co-founder and CEO of FrostPharma AB.

Clas joined the Brighter board of directors in 2021.

Ownership in Brighter: 334 334 shares and 500 001 warrants.