Driving behavioral change in healthcare.

The passion to do something good for people with chronic conditions is at the heart of Brighter’s values.

We have a vision of how data-driven insights can drive behavioral change in healthcare, and a team of people with the skills and experience to make it happen.

Henrik Norström – CEO

Henrik leads Brighter’s sales, business development, partnership and financing activities. With his strong international background and ability to quickly absorb vital information, Henrik plays an instrumental role in cultivating the visionary ideas that differentiate Brighter. He has a solid track record in both start-ups and established companies, and holds a degree in Business Administration from Sweden’s Uppsala University.

Ann Zetterberg – Head of Finance

Ann has more than 20 years of CFO experience, including roles in both the venture-capital and technology start-up sectors. She also spent many years leading finance and control for a Swedish wildlife-preservation organization. A skilled negotiator and investment manager, Ann has worked extensively with due diligence, mergers & acquisitions, and sales of companies. She has a degree in Accounting from Stockholm University.

Åsa Hallin Dahlberg – Head of Research and Development

Åsa brings some 30 years of telecom and med-tech management experience to her role leading Brighter’s development and production. A specialist in inspiring and leading high-performing R&D program and project management teams, Åsa keeps Brighter focused on its product timelines and milestones. She holds a MSc in Vehicle Engineering from Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology.

Nadezda Ershova – QA/RA Manager

Nadezda is one of Brighter’s earliest employees, joining us as an intern while studying entrepreneurship and innovation at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology. Today, she leads our important quality and regulatory assurance work, getting the right frameworks in place globally and making sure our solutions meet the strictest of standards. Nadezda has an MSc in Biology from Russia’s Novosibirsk State University.

Kjell Rundqvist – Head of Logistics

Regarded as one of Sweden’s top logistics experts, Kjell makes sure Brighter’s supply chain and delivery operations keep running smoothly and securely. He has decades of experience in global supply-chain management, lean production, and sourcing & procurement, working in senior roles at both medium-sized and large companies. He is also the founder of Brighter’s global logistics partner Sonat.

Yulianto Blom – Head of Production

Yulianto leads our product manufacturing work. Skilled in sales operations planning, lean production and supply-chain management, he has more than 15 years of experience in establishing new production facilities and building the right teams for the job. Before joining Brighter, he managed the supply-chain of a currency manufacturer. Yulianto is a European Certified Logistician and has also studied law at Sweden’s Södertörn University.

Martin Cederberg – Head of Business Area Actiste

Martin manages the business for our flagship solution: Actiste. He brings more than 15 years of international sales & marketing experience in the medical-device industry, mainly within patient monitoring. With his deep interest in human physiology and strong knowledge of technology and data communications, Martin has a passion for working with solutions that help people receive better treatment. He holds degrees from both Lund University and Malmö University.

Dragan Zdravkovic – Head of Medical Affairs

Dragan, MD with MSc in endocrinology, is a highly experienced pharma professional with more than 17 years of experience in top innovative pharma companies in different roles in Medical Affairs, Clinical Research and Business. Passionate about addressing challenges and unmet needs in diabetes management, Dragan leads Medical Affairs at Brighter, providing scientific insights and medical background to support the company in reaching its mission – introducing data-driven solutions for smarter treatment of chronic conditions with positive impact on global healthcare.

Maja Roslund – Head of People and Culture

Employee-experience specialist Maja is on a mission to grow our business by bringing out the best in everyone at Brighter, and helping the company to shine as a sustainable employer brand. Maja has studied leadership, pedagogy and organizational development, specializing in organizational-behavior management. She has worked in a variety of HR leadership and cultural-transformation roles, including serving as interim CEO of an HR-consulting firm, and establishing a subsidiary company in Sweden and China for Unilever brand Blueair.

Petra Kaur – Head of Behavioral Change

Petra has worked in a variety of leadership roles in marketing, communication and sales for both pharmaceutical companies and advertising agencies. With her deep knowledge of branding and her passion for discovering ways to drive behavioral change, Petra leads Brighter’s efforts to incorporate the behavioral change aspect – a key element in all that we do – on both the strategic and tactical levels in Brighter. She holds an MSc in Biology from Umeå University and has also worked as a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.