Connected and convenient diabetes care.

Actiste is the world’s first unified diabetes-care device with a mobile connection for remotely monitoring and treating insulin-dependent diabetes.

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By providing valid data on blood-glucose values and injected insulin doses, Actiste gives people with diabetes and their caregivers a clearer picture of the condition and closer control over daily care. This means improved adherence to treatment guidelines, peace of mind for family members, and more efficient use of limited healthcare resources.

Actiste includes both a blood glucose meter and a container for self-calibrating test strips. Checking glucose levels is designed to be as comfortable as possible, with the strips requiring only a tiny drop of blood.

Actiste is the only connected injection device that can log and share data about the actual injected volume of insulin. This information is critical both for self-care and for primary care givers when advising on changes to insulin plans.

Actiste stores both blood glucose values and insulin dose history, each of which can be viewed at the simple press of a button. Activities and meals can also be logged for even better monitoring and management of blood glucose.

Should the user wish, the information stored by Actiste can automatically be shared with another family member or a care giver through a built-in mobile connection that works globally. This simplifies follow-up and control.

The user-friendly design makes it easy for healthcare professionals to see historical data at a glance. The information is always available in Actiste and can be shared over-the-air in a meeting between a diabetic and their care giver, for example.

By combining the most important diabetes care features in a single device, Actiste takes the pressure off the diabetic to remember all their daily care equipment. Actiste also automatically re-orders essential equipment for the user when personal supplies run low.