We are a human innovation company on a mission to improve the lives of millions of people.

A better life for people with chronic conditions.

Brighter aims to be one of the global leaders in mobile health, providing access to high-quality outpatient solutions and services to people across the globe. We aim to reduce healthcare costs and improve health outcomes by inviting everyone to become part of the Benefit Loop®: a data-driven solution that provides a gateway to a marketplace for user-owned and user-generated health data. The Benefit Loop is a key part of Brighter’s vision of promoting behavioral change throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Tackling the diabetes epidemic.

We are currently focused on addressing the global diabetes epidemic with our solution Actiste® Diabetes Management as a Service. Diabetes is the world’s fastest-growing chronic condition, affecting more than 425 million adults worldwide (one in 11 adults), with the number set to grow to 629 million by 2045 (one in 10 adults). Many children suffer from diabetes too.

Data-driven diabetes care.

The trend in diabetes care is to provide patients with ways to better manage their own treatment, and thereby ease the burden on healthcare systems. We have created Actiste to meet this global need. By combining the three essential items for diabetes care – a blood sampler, a blood glucose meter, and an insulin pen – in a single cloud-connected device, Actiste simplifies daily treatment and makes it easy to share critical values with loved ones and primary caregivers.

Future opportunities.

While Actiste is our current focus, we believe the health data generated through this area and other initiatives we are involved in will provide a solid base for further business opportunities in clinical care and research.