June 9 2022

A look at the logistics behind Actiste®.

Bringing a solution like Actiste® to market requires a top-notch supply chain and smooth delivery operations. Our logistics team and partners work hard to optimize the whole process.

Since the pandemic began at the start of 2020, challenges with supply chains and deliveries have been growing around the world.

As people stayed home and eCommerce skyrocketed, ports struggled to keep growing volumes of goods flowing. At the same time, increased demand for electronics has led to a global shortage of components. The recent lockdown in Shanghai – which led to thousands of ships being unable to offload or take deliveries – has made the situation even tougher.

At Brighter, we’re fortunate to be well insulated against some of these global challenges. Our logistics team has prepared well to ensure there is an adequate supply of the more than 100 physical parts Actiste® is made from.

“From a supply-chain perspective, we have components in stock that enable us to do assembly very quickly as we get orders,” says Jonas Johansson, Head of Operations at Brighter. “This gives us control over our lead time despite the global component shortage that many other device manufacturers are facing.”

“Brighter benefits from having a logistics team with broad and deep experience that can complement the knowledge of its in-house team.”

Shorter order-to-delivery.

As part of Brighter’s ongoing commercialization in Qatar, we’ve redesigned our business-to-business shipping operations to save both time and costs.

Previously, any Actiste® ordered would first be sent from our manufacturing facility in northern Sweden to a warehouse, and from there on to the customer. Now we are looking at different possibilities for a more efficient B2B delivery process, including the option of shipping directly from our factory.

Transportation of Actiste® devices is taken care of by Sonat, the logistics partner we have been working with for a number of years. Sonat effectively acts as Brighter’s outsourced logistics arm, including responsibility for inventory control, order planning, transportation and delivery monitoring. The company also provides Brighter with feedback on how to scale up deliveries.

“At Sonat we are experts in supply chain and logistics, serving many different customers and industries around the world,” says Sonat co-founder Kjell Rundqvist. “By working with us, Brighter benefits from having a logistics team with broad and deep experience that can complement the knowledge of its in-house team.”

“When it comes to Qatar, right now it’s about being flexible and having many different solutions to choose from, depending on requirements for lead times, volume and cost,” says Rundqvist.

Managing the whole solution.
The device is just one part of the Actiste® offering – there are also the consumables (i.e. test strips, lancets and needles), the Companion app, and the software backend to consider.

With the commercialization in Qatar and a number of Actiste® clinical studies happening in several countries, managing the supply of consumables has become more critical. The test strips come from Taiwan, the lancets from Poland, and the needles from Italy. To ensure a timely supply, we’ve intensified our cooperation with and forecasting processes towards our strategic suppliers of these consumables.

On the software side, we keep adding more languages and features to our Companion app as we enter or prepare to enter new markets.

“The supply of the Actiste® service in local languages is one of the key success factors for Brighter’s globalization,” says Johansson. “The backend as a whole has been working well when we go into a new country, and we are continuing to develop the localized service provided through the Companion App.”

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