June 28 2022

Saudi Ambassador-designate to Sweden and Iceland visits Brighter

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador-designate to Sweden and Iceland, Her Excellency Einas Al-Shahwan, visited Brighter’s office in Stockholm last week. The visit was aimed at opening up new possibilities for Brighter in Saudi Arabia.

As announced last week, the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) in the KSA has invited Brighter to apply for participation in a “SandBox”: A testing environment which aims to remove the obstacles for data processing and data roaming, which have hindered Brighters commercialization in KSA in the past. Brighter is now, through the ambassador visit, strengthening its relationship with the government to further explore commercialization opportunities in the country.

Besides viewing a company presentation and a demonstration of the Actiste® Diabetes Management as a System, Al-Shahwan spoke about the Saudi Genome Program. This is one of the frontier national projects under Vision 2030, aiming to reduce the incidence of genetic diseases using advanced genomic technologies. The program supports healthcare provision through better diagnosis, therapy, and prevention. Major outcomes will, among other things, include better management of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes.

“It was a very interesting meeting with Brighter and I look forward to seeing the company collaborate with Saudi Arabian companies moving forward” says H.E. Einas Al-Shahwan.

“I believe the visit by Her Excellency Einas Al-Shahwan is strengthening the relationship with the government and opens up new possibilities in the country.” says Brighter CEO, Erik Lissner. “The World Health Organization ranks Saudi Arabia second in the Middle East and seventh in the world for diabetes prevalence. If the obstacles for data processing and data roaming can be removed, this will be a very promising market for us.”

H.E. Einas Al-Shahwan joined the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2007 and has held a number of positions there, most recently as adviser to the Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs. H.E.

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