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We are Camanio Care.

Bestic was founded in Sweden in 2004, by Sten Hemmingsson who was in need of a good assistive eating device due to complications from polio.

The company currently offers a number of assistive devices and trainings related to eldercare and nursing. The company is represented via distributors in Europe and Asia.
“On a formal level, the jDome company is buying Bestic, but we consider this to be more of a merger with clear synergies”, says
Henrik Norström, CEO for Brighter Two and COO for Brighter.

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Happiness is an underrated treatment!

Moving around, getting out and about, revisiting places that you have a fond memory of or places you have always wanted to visit. These are all natural human desires. But not everyone has this possibility. One of the greatest challenges in healthcare is to be able to offer meaningful activities and contribute to better communication with relatives and personnel. jDome® offers virtual 3D surround experiences that can stimulate and motivate users to do cardiac and mental training in a safe and secure way, without them even being aware that they are in fact training. The objective is to contribute to better qualitative activities for both users and personnel.

A screen you "step into".

The idea behind jDome was developed by the technical pioneer John Nilsson and has its roots in the computer games industry. It consists of a computer connected to a projector that casts images from a game or film onto a large screen that immerses the spectator, a “dome”. The workstation jDome® BikeAround™ is built on the jDome screen connected to a training bike and Google’s map service Google Street View.


Sitting in a chair with their feet on the pedals and hands on the handlebar gives the user the feeling that they are in, and cycling around, the area shown on the screen. Healthcare personnel or relatives come with for the ride and ask questions about the places visited to stimulate communication (spoken or otherwise). The objective is increased patient benefit, presence of mind and better quality of life and care, with jDome BikeAround playing the part of a meeting place that the patient tries to find to encourage stimulation, activation and communication, which all goes to make daily life a little less tedious and more fun.


See the video for further information, including what Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, says about jDome BikeAround at Google Zeitgeist 2015.