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“We immediately said we should do some good, and that it should simplify life. We want you to be all you can be. Always.”

Truls Sjöstedt, founder

One common picture.

We are working hard to provide new services within m-Health and data driven care.

Brighter’s vision to drive “human innovation” includes becoming a leading player in mobile and data-driven health care. By providing a market place for sharing valid, continuous and effective health data we enable more measurement points and an improved picture of the individuals’ health. The objective is to drive behavioural change to enhance quality for patients and enable reduced care costs.
Brighter’s Benefit Loop is a cloud-based platform for collecting, managing, analyzing and recycling data to support the stakeholders involved in the care chain. The platform can manage data from various online med-tech tools and the user selects who to share the data with. Our first service Actiste is developed for those who are living with insulin treated diabetes.

Your illness,

and worldwide care capabilities.

Mobile health systems offloads the care system when it comes to standard routines and generate new knowledge, increase efficiency and enable patients’ recovery.

Within five years, the world will have 26 billion connected machines that communicate with each other; care systems will use 15% of them. Telia predicts that 50% of all Swedish households will be connected to health and medical care systems within 3–5 years. The e-health market is estimated to  be worth USD 160 billion this year, which reflects a fast, innovation pace.

Brighter develops tools and services for this market. Its tools and services enable you and your health status to be connected to a care system.

We develop them for you – to meet your specific needs on your terms!

Why mHealth is the future for mobile operators.

The connection to the mobile network is a central element for Brighter in the collaboration with partner within Internet of Things (IoT). Together we will design the infrastructure required for The Benefit Loop. There is a strong demand for the new subscription based services among the world’s mobile operators, which also Ericsson states when they chose Brighter as partner.

The need to increase effectiveness, quality in treatment and management of chronic diseases is a top priority. The International Diabetes Federation 2015, IDF, estimates that there are over 400 million living with diabetes today and that the number will grow up to around 600 million by the year 2040. As if that would not be enough, WHO predicts that by the year 2030 diabetes will be number seven among the leading causes of death. But there is also an economic aspect of this; diabetes is one of the most costly diseases, with global costs exceeding 670 billion USD per year. Only in the US the cost of diabetes increased by 43% from the year 2007 to 2014, putting additional pressure on the health care sector.

The increasing economic burden is a complicated problem, but an even bigger problem is that people with diabetes are suffering. Uncontrolled or badly controlled diabetes will unfortunately result in severe long-term complications and comorbidity, which potentially both are life threatening and worrisome for patients as well as their relatives and friends.

The market for data-driven healthcare is thought by many experts to be the world’s fastest growing. The consulting company McKinsey & Company estimates the value of this market to be between 600 and 800 billion USD (April 2015). Diabetes is one of the most costly diseases, with global costs exceeding 670 billion USD per year.

This is why Brighter develops a service platform in combination with connected devices. With our innovations – such as Actiste™ a device for insulin treated diabetes – we want to offer better control and increase quality for the patients and its relatives, the caregivers as well as the society. To reach this goal our collaborating partners will be of high importance, not at least the mobile operators that will be given access to a new important market within mobile health.

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Your phone knows if you neglect to work out.

All pulling together: e-device and smartphone manufacturers, IT, pharma, and telecom companies, health care stakeholders, patient associations and taxpayers.

The only new app that Apple released after the iPhone 6 launch is about your health. How many steps did you walk? How many staircases did you climb? This is the core of e-health: it’s about you. You’re not the only person who suffers if you get sick. Your relatives and friends will be worried. Your life changes. You might have to change your lifestyle. Many chronic diseases require that you constantly need access to medicine, tests, and analyses.

Life will be different, but it need not be bad.Access to new technologies for easily sharing and communicating health data can revolutionize patients’ roles in health care. Tools exist all around you for logging, testing, managing, analyzing, and reporting your health to relatives, the care system – and if you wish, to research.

It’s your body, your illness, and your treatment.

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