Board of Directors.

Chairman. Gert Westergren

Education: Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm
University, MBA from Uppsala University
History: Chairman of the board since 2011
Current assignments: Cefour, Brighter.

Member. Lars Flening

Education: Eng.CH; Certified business Economist
History: Medisense European Head, acquired by Abbott
Labs, renamed Abbott Diabetes Care.
Current assignments: Consultant.

Member. Afsaneh Ghatan Bauer

Education: Law School at Stockholm University
History: Founder of Ghatan Bauer Advokatbyrå AB (1997)
Current assignments: Member of the Swedish Bar
Association, Board member of the European Union
Trademark Association (ECTA) Membership &
Disciplinary Committee.

Sara Murby Forste

Education: BSBA, Economics at Uppsala University.
Business Administration at Örebro University
History: Assistant Manager – Scanfashion, UK. Business Developer – Telenor Business Solutions. Head of Sales and CEO – Basefarm AB.
Current assignments: Country Manager Sweden & SVP Marketing – Basefarm Group.

Member. Jan Stålemark

Education: MBA, Stockholm School of Economics.

Bsc Management Biomedical Engineering, The Karolinska Institute/The University of Stockholm.

History: Experience from different positions with in international sales and marketing with in Life Science/ Siemens-Elema, RADI Medical Systems, Neoventa Medical AB, Maquet Critical Care, Johnson & Johnson.

Present assignments: CEO AroCell AB (Publ), board member of Obstecare AB, CEO and board member of HealthTech Sweden AB.