Board of Directors.

Chairman. Gert Westergren

Education: Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm
University, MBA from Uppsala University
History: Chairman of the board since 2011
Current assignments: Cefour, Brighter.

Member. Lars Flening

Education: Eng.CH; Certified business Economist
History: Medisense European Head, acquired by Abbott
Labs, renamed Abbott Diabetes Care.
Current assignments: Consultant.

Member. Afsaneh Ghatan Bauer

Education: Law School at Stockholm University
History: Founder of Ghatan Bauer Advokatbyrå AB (1997)
Current assignments: Member of the Swedish Bar
Association, Board member of the European Union
Trademark Association (ECTA) Membership &
Disciplinary Committee.

Member. Petra Kaur Ljungman

Education: MSc Biology at Umeå University.
History: Research in pharmacology, The Karolinska Institute. Experience form different positions with in sales and marketing and advertising at Astra Zeneca and Sanofi. Nightingale, Head of health and Account Director at Ogilvy/INGO, Great Clarity digital strategy.
Current assignments: Branding and marketing strategy consultant.

Sara Murby Forste

Education: BSBA, Economics at Uppsala University.
Business Administration at Örebro University
History: Assistant Manager – Scanfashion, UK. Business Developer – Telenor Business Solutions. Head of Sales and CEO – Basefarm AB.
Current assignments: Country Manager Sweden & SVP Marketing – Basefarm Group.

Member. Jan Stålemark

Education: MBA, Stockholm School of Economics.

Bsc Management Biomedical Engineering, The Karolinska Institute/The University of Stockholm.

History: Experience from different positions with in international sales and marketing with in Life Science/ Siemens-Elema, RADI Medical Systems, Neoventa Medical AB, Maquet Critical Care, Johnson & Johnson.

Present assignments: CEO AroCell AB (Publ), board member of Obstecare AB, CEO and board member of HealthTech Sweden AB.