In the spotlight with
Lars Flening

What is your professional background?

My professional background is as an independent consultant focused on start-ups in the med-tech industry. During the 90s, I worked for MediSence Inc as director for Europe, and before that I had several international senior management positions for different companies.

How do you think your competence will create value to the company and the board?

I think that my experience in diabetes, as well as in the med-tech sector, can be of great benefit to Brighter in various ways. Also, my track record with fast growing companies is, in my view, of great benefit to Brighter, as right now the company has a huge opportunity for fast expansion and growth around the globe.

What do you find most interesting about Brighter? 

Besides the interesting IP portfolio and stable product with Actiste, I think the most interesting aspect of Brighter is the drive of the employees and the management team. An entrepreneurial spirit permeates the entire company.