In the spotlight with
Jan Stålemark

What is your professional background?

I have worked both in the public healthcare sector and on the industry side of the healthcare business, with experience in sales, marketing and customer relations. Some of the things I have worked more with are global sales channel management – via distributors & direct sales via subsidiary – as well as healthcare economics & reimbursement. I also have experience from several board of directors’ positions, and in raising capital for companies in their early stages.

My background is mainly technical and focused on biomedical engineering, with an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

How do you think your competence will create value to the company and the board?

With the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from more than 30 years in the life science industry, my understanding of this business can contribute to and guide the management team and the board to make better informed decisions.

I have also lived and worked in multiple countries and experienced many different cultures, which helps me to understand international business in a beneficial way.

What do you find most interesting about Brighter?  

Brighter offers solutions that will have an impact in healthcare and make a change for the better. Companies need to demonstrate that they can improve quality of life for patients, and at the same time reduce healthcare costs – Brighter can deliver on both!

In addition, Brighter will also be able to improve quality of life for people around the patient. With Brighter’s solution, the patient can decide if they want to share their health data with family and close friends, creating peace of mind for those that care the most.

But that’s not all. Brighter can also drive innovation and help to develop better care and treatment by using data and information when developing new drugs and treatment methods in clinical trials, and in the evaluation of treatment methods.