Our business concept.

Brighter develops products and services that fill clearly specified requirements of users within the care continuum.

Brighter was launched in 2007 to develop a method that facilitates self-monitoring and self-treatment of diabetes. Brighter’s basic patent for this method triggered product development, which in turn, led to a broader platform. From its launch, Brighter’s patent portfolio extended beyond diabetes—to address future, medication-driven needs based on treatments that cannot be taken orally and must be injected. Brighter’s business model includes out-licensed rights to its platform.

A business-critical part of Brighter’s operations involves continuous IP portfolio development—via its own applications and in-licensing (for example, the micro-needle technology in-licensing that Brighter acquired for blood sugar monitoring). Diabetes was just the beginning for Brighter—a significant start that led to this realization: self-care must be linked to a larger context so that it’s easier, safer, and more humane. Going forward, Brighter will continue to deliver smoother treatments and enable happier lives.