1. Interim report October-December 2018.
  1. Interim report July-September 2018.


  1. Year-end report for 2016: March 31 2016.

  2. Annual Report 2016: April 29 2016.

Share information.

For investors.

Brighter is a Swedish company listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm, Sweden. First North is NASDAQ OMX‘s European growth market, a “MTF”. As a marketplace, First North does not have the same legal status as a regulated market. Listed companies on First North are regulated by the rules of First North and not by the legal demands required for trading on a regulated market.

A placement in a company that is listed on First North carries a higher risk than a placement in a regulated market. Every company on First North has a Certified Adviser to ensure that it complies with all requirements and rules. NASDAQ OMX Stockholm approves the application to become

Brighter’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq OMX First North is Eminova Fondkommission AB.
+46 (0)8 – 684 211 00 listed on First North.
COO Henrik Norström +46 (0)733 40 30 45
CEO Truls Sjöstedt +46 (0)709 73 46 00

More information is available at Avanza and Brighter´s shares on Nasdaq OMX First North

First exercise period of Brighter Warrants TO3.

October 11 to 25, 2017.

As part of our financing strategy and the agreement with L1 Capital, Brighter has on two occasions distributed free warrants to the company’s shareholders to reduce dilution. October 11 to 25 is the first exercise period of Brighter Warrants TO3 during which holders of Warrants can subscribe for shares.

The subscription price for the shares has been set at SEK 4.00 in accordance with §8, 11thparagraph in the TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS IN BRIGHTER AB (PUBL) SERIES TO3 2017/2020 and the share issue price applied to the Private Placement to Recall Capital announced on August 7, 2017. Holders of warrants TO3 who have their Warrants registered in custody at a bank or fund commissioner shall contact their bank or fund commissioner if they want to exercise the Warrants and subscribe for the corresponding shares. Exercise of the Warrants and subscription of shares for other holders of Warrants takes place through simultaneous payment and submittal of the registered application form, signed and submitted to the Company’s share agent no later than 16:00 CET on October 25, 2017.

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The Company’s share agent is Eminova Fondkommission, which can be contacted by phone at 08-684 211 00 or by email at The subsequent five (5) exercise periods are:

  • 11 – 25 April 2018
  • 11 – 25 October 2018
  • 11 – 25 April 2019
  • 11 – 25 October 2019
  • 10 – 24 April 2020

For terms and conditions of the Warrants, please visit:


Acquisition of Bestic AB.

Bestic was founded in Sweden in 2004, by Sten Hemmingsson who was in need of a good assistive eating device due to complications from polio.

The company currently offers a number of assistive devices and trainings related to eldercare and nursing. The company is represented via distributors in Europe and Asia.
“On a formal level, the jDome company is buying Bestic, but we consider this to be more of a merger with clear synergies. When we acquired jDome BikeAround, we already saw that this is a market that is worth developing and that the market for healthcare and nursing should embrace future consolidation.

Through the restructuring, the sale of jDome can be made much more efficient. Furthermore, we see Bestic’s product range as complementing jDome, and together we can take better advantage of the market potential,” says Henrik Norström, previous CEO for Brighter Two and COO for Brighter.


“Bestic and the jDome team are currently working with the same customer groups, and now when we become Camanio Care, we will not only be able to take advantage of each other’s knowledge, but we will also have an expanded distribution network, larger sales force and new contacts. Together, we will become a larger and stronger company, and we see major growth potential for our joint offerings. In addition, we also see possibilities for taking advantage of future opportunities for consolidation on the innovative market for nursing and healthcare assistive devices, which is currently made up of many small companies,” says Catharina Borgenstierna, CEO at Bestic.

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Brighter and Ericsson in cooperation.

Brighter selects Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform (DCP) to open up to the world’s mobile network operators to connect their customers to Brighter’s cloud platform The Benefit Loop™ and Actiste®.

“We are very pleased to partner with Ericsson, which has a world-leading platform for connecting devices to mobile networks, popularly called the Internet of Things – “IoT”, which includes global device connectivity management, says Brighter’s CEO and founder Truls Sjöstedt. The cooperation gives us not only the best technical platform, but also access to Ericsson’s customers – the mobile network operators, who through Brighter’s offer can access a new market segment on their existing customer base. It’s a win-win where all three parties receive the opportunity to develop their business on a new, exciting and growing market – mHealth.”


“We look forward to working with Brighter, says Anders Olin, Vice President, Product Area Network Functions, Business Unit Cloud & IP at Ericsson.  “IoT” is already a core area for Ericsson and mHealth is an area with great future potential. The service Brighter provide is very interesting for Ericsson because it can contribute to a substantial increase of connected devices based on the DCP services Ericsson offers. The connection to the mobile network is a central element in the collaboration with Brighter, and together we will design the implementation of the infrastructure required for The Benefit Loop. The strong demand for the new subscription based services among the world’s mobile operators have become increasingly prominent, and we think that Brighter’s platform the Benefit Loop, combined with connected devices such as the new generation of Brighter One, can create new opportunities for operators to grow outside the highly competitive telephony and data market.”

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Brighter acquires DBZ.

Brighter secures its position in mobile and data-driven health care.

Online med-tech solutions provide opportunities to continuously improve treatment quality and recommendation quality. The acquisition of Division By Zero(DBZ), the company behind jDome BikeAround®, is a step closer toward realizing Brighter’s strategy to provide increased measurement points and improved health profiles for individuals – based on valid, continuous data. Health care providers, patients, and society benefit from these data.

By expanding its IP portfolio, Brighter injects value into its Benefit Loop™ – Brighter’s platform for collecting, analyzing, and sharing data between the involved stakeholders in the chain of disease management. The portfolio now also will contain unrivalled technologies for registration and feedback regarding human reactions to targeted stimulation. Division By Zero’s technology contributes key capabilities for current and future product development with the option to  follow movement, facial expressions, and activity.


The jDome BikeAround® product contains this technology, which has quickly become a popular activation and rehabilitation tool in various medical facilities. The users can bicycle in a sphere in which any environment can be continuously projected, which stimulates memories and motivation. Collaboration between the founder of Division By Zero, John Nilsson, and the developers behind Google Street View enabled this implementation.


Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chair, doesn’t publicly recognize many companies. Division By Zero is one of the few. And many other world-leading companies, including Intel, indicated their interest in the work that John Nilsson and his team put into augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.


“Combining virtual reality with data collection and analysis is evidently a very attractive combination.” Truls Sjöstedt, Founder and CEO Brighter.


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Solid collaborations.

We have succeeded and will succeed by establishing solid global collaboration models with best in class players in the industries involved to enhance our position.

So far we have a global partnership with Ericsson for the global connectivity and fleet management of our devices, which has also been key to signing our first roll-out agreements with Telia Company for Sweden and Indosat Ooredoo for Indonesia. Too secure glocal manufacturing we have selected Sanmina as our partner. We partner with companies that have a substantial pool of resources and knowledge. The momentum created in combination with smart and cost effective communication and marketing strategies, will ensure a fast uptake on the market of the products and services we offer. And in the end ensure financial growth on a short and long term perspective.