An independent perspective on developing our solutions.

Our Advisors.

Jorge Otero

Jorge is an oncologist and an expert in strategic medical affairs. His professional experience includes roles at pharmaceutical giants such as Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline and Eli Lilly. With his global knowledge of oncology, clinical research and medical business management, Jorge’s counsel is of great value to Brighter as we bring our solutions to the world.

Michael Alvarsson

Michael is chief physician at Stockholm’s world-renowned Karolinska University Hospital, where he specializes in endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes. He also conducts clinical research in diabetes at the Karolinska Institute. Michael’s knowledge of day-to-day diabetes treatment and the latest in endocrinology research is hugely beneficial to Brighter’s development work.

Teddy Batanghari

Teddy is the CEO of Summit Healthcare, a Jakarta-based company dedicated to advancing healthcare in Indonesia. He advises Brighter on a range of topics related to the introduction of Actiste in Southeast Asia. Teddy graduated as a medical doctor in the USA, and holds degrees in management and bioengineering too. Before joining Summit in 2016, he was CEO of the prestigious Indonesian hospital Pandai Indah Kapuk for 18 years.